Online Services

Phone/Voice Counseling

This type of virtual counseling is provided through telephone sessions.  Both the counselor and the client utilize their secure landline telephone to conduct sessions.   Phone/voice counseling sessions are conducted via appointment.  At your scheduled appointment time your respective counselor will call you from a secure Anne Arundel Counseling landline.

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Email/Chat Based Counseling

Emailing and text based counseling can be an extremely effective tool for dialoguing with a counselor.  Therapeutic email exchanges provide you with the opportunity to send specific information through your “voice” of the written work.  It allows you the time, energy and format for sending in your questions, concerns and thoughts.  Emails are responded to within 48 business hours.  Emailing can allow for exchanges of education, suggestion, recommendation, coaching and therapy. Emails are responded to with 48 business hours.  The time between exchanges is extremely beneficial and meaningful as it allows for reflection, thought and pause from both the client and counselor.  All email exchanging is done through secure and confidential email accounts.  Please see Hushmail for more information on the security and the free service being offered. 

Chat is a conversational tone and “dialogue”.  Chatting occurs in real-time and appointments are scheduled similarly to email counseling.  Chat sessions are also conducted through the free and secure service known as Hushmail.

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Video Conferencing Counseling 

Video conferencing also occurs in real-time and is similar to face-to-face counseling.  The client and counselor both utilize web based video systems to conduct their sessions. 

Skype, a free and secure service is utilized to do this.

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For more information about our programs or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 410-768-5988.


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